Zelensky should be ashamed of the approaching nuclear confrontation with an application to NATO

American columnist Bradley Devlin named application of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky on the country’s accession to NATO is ridiculous, but on closer examination it turns out to be a well-thought-out political move.

Columnist The American Conservative noted that in this case it is Zelensky who can be considered responsible for bringing the world closer to a nuclear war.

“At first glance, this proposal is so ridiculous that one might think that Zelensky is putting on a show to return to his old profession as a stand-up comedian. However, this staged political stunt is not a reason to laugh,” Devlin wrote.

The author is sure that Zelensky, who wants to join NATO right now, should be ashamed that he is pushing the world towards a nuclear confrontation.

Devlin stressed that Zelensky, by applying for Ukraine to join the Alliance, clearly demonstrates that he does not care at all about the consequences of such a step, and it does not matter whether this statement was made seriously or not.

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