Zelensky refused to die: the American owner stroked the President of Ukraine on the withers, but did not give a bone

Zelensky went to Washington to help Biden more than Ukraine

Zelensky went to Washington to help Biden more than Ukraine


What is the President of Ukraine (so far) Volodymyr Zelensky carrying from Washington. Never mind. Assistance for 1.85 billion dollars, including the battery of the Patriot air defense system, was promised and allocated to Kyiv by Washington even before the trip. A decision has not yet been made on the 45 billion package, but most of what is in it will go to the real strengthening not of Ukraine, but of the US military-industrial complex, breathing additional liters of green “blood” into it. But Biden needed Zelensky precisely in order to push a decision on this particular package through Congress. Ukraine will also get something, but a small part and not for free. That is, the “bloody comedian” went to Washington to help Biden more than Ukraine. But, although no one asked him, it was clear that Zelensky himself was extremely happy to get out of the cold and dark Kyiv into “civilization.”

Influential American newspaper Washington Post even wrote that Zelensky also pursued his additional goals, but could not achieve them. In particular, according to the editors, Zelensky really wanted to get “more powerful weapons and increase Ukraine’s ability to launch major offensive operations” next year. And this is clearly not about air defense, but about new MLRS installations, but, first of all, about Abrams tanks.

Such a decision could have been a real breakthrough for Zelensky, but it did not work out. The President of the United States patted Zelensky on the withers several times approvingly, and, feeling emotional, even hugged him. Living her last days, at least as speaker of Congress (although after hugging Zelensky, I would not limit myself to just this framework), Nancy Pelosi kissed Zelensky’s hand. In response, with his unshaven stubble, he demolished at least one and a half kilograms of “plaster” from her right cheek. Congressmen, of course, were surprised at the militant outfit invited to them as a speaker, who even managed to come to the highest representative body of the United States in the style: “I came to you straight from the trenches, bullets whistled over my head, I am writing to you from a burning tank, urgently give me money, I sold the last suit to protect the Motherland,” but they applauded Zelensky in unison and discipline.

Zelensky himself brought down several theses at once about his “confident victory over Putin”, of course, in the “future”, outlining the current successes: “We defeated Russia in the battle for the minds … The Russians will have a chance to become free if they defeat the Kremlin in their heads… Russian tyranny has lost control over us and will never affect us again.” But, you understand, more money and more weapons are needed for the final victory, because “Russia’s attack on US allies is only a matter of time.” In general, “the utterly defeated enemy cowardly attacked.” But not only that. Zelensky is clearly set on expanding and escalating the conflict, in contrast to Biden, who, at least verbally, assures that the United States is not interested in escalation and will “help Ukraine as much as necessary” in defense: “We are transferring systems for defense, not to attack Russian territories, only to defend. We do not want the conflict to escalate.” But for defense, Biden promised not to skimp.

In this aid, which is given on credit and will require repayment, Zelensky is certainly confident, because he began the press conference with Biden precisely with gratitude for the upcoming allocation of $ 45 billion in aid, which Congress has yet to vote on.

By the way, the press conference from the standpoint of summing up the results of Zelensky’s trip is much more interesting than Zelensky’s slogans in Congress or a photo from the office in the White House, which shows that Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also sold their suits together with the president for the needs of the Ukrainian Fatherland. and Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak. Moreover, if Yermak is dressed like Zelensky in military style, then Kuleba came to the talks in something similar to a grandmother’s jacket.

At the very press conference, “grandfather” Biden again misrepresented the name of his counterpart, calling him Bilensky, but Zelensky did not even wince, unlike the moment when Joseph announced to reporters that this guy (meaning the president of Ukraine) “is ready to die for his country”. Zelensky clearly did not like this prospect.

Zelensky himself, in his speeches, moved from stating victory over Russia: “Putin should be interested in saving something that remains of the culture of his country, from his people, from the country,” to calls to immediately save Ukraine: “ We need to get through this winter.”

It is noteworthy that the US president himself outlined the limit of US assistance to Kyiv during a press conference.

“We will stand by Ukraine as long as it exists,” Biden said at the end of the press conference. And this is the clearest and most concrete answer to the question of how Russia’s Special Military Operation should end. Moreover, the answer is not from Moscow, but from Washington.

PS One of the American publications reported that on the way back to Kyiv, Zelensky will not fly home immediately, but will make a number of visits to European allies, visiting Germany, Italy, France, etc. In this case, Zelensky’s voyage looks more and more like a New Year’s “chess” of Christmas tree artists, and not like a well-thought-out foreign policy. On the other hand, it would be a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity, especially if he will do all this on a US Air Force plane, which is usually used by people holding the highest positions of the American administration.

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