Zelensky put forward a condition for negotiations with Russia

If Russia does not want to return the Donbass and Crimea, this means that hostilities have not ended. This statement was made by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with Czech TV.

He noticed that experience frozen conflict Kyiv already has. And he added that each side will wait until Ukraine is ready to “de-occupy” Crimea and Donbass. Therefore, there will be no peace.

According to Zelensky, talking about negotiations and compromises with Russia will be possible only when it leaves the 1991 borders.

“They can wait for us to de-occupy our territories – we will lose a lot of people, and they will lose a lot of people. This is a tragedy, so they can retreat beyond our borders and that’s it. Then they can say: let’s look not for a compromise, but for some solution how to live in the next hundred years,” Zelensky said.

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