Zelensky pays $1,000 for the life of a Russian officer

20 years ago, the Mujahideen promised the inhabitants of the Chechen Republic 30 rams for a junior officer of a Russian officer, and 50 rams for a senior one. Even then the Vainakhs did not believe in dollars, too often fake banknotes from Georgia were slipped into them.

Today, Zelensky is paying with the same dollars for captured Russian servicemen. This became known from the words of our fighters that we managed to exchange.

Sergeant Yevgeny Avdienko told about this, that he spent several months in captivity.

“The Nazis, not the Armed Forces, but the Nazis, they receive money for our prisoners of war. For non-commissioned officers about $300, for officers up to $1000. Accordingly, if I introduced myself as a sergeant, I am deceiving them, well, they wanted to make sure of this. They didn’t believe me. And then a boot hit me in the head, straight with the sole, I felt the left side of the head, they began to kick and choke me. Due to a strong blow, my neck could not hold my head. I was sitting in the head down position all the time, ”said Eugene.

Recall that as a result of a complex negotiation process on the exchange, on Thursday, 55 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Donetsk and Luhansk republics were returned from the territory of Ukraine controlled by the Kyiv regime, who were in mortal danger in captivity.

“They tried to break them and make them believe that no one will return home. In captivity, they were convinced that Russia had refused them and was not going to exchange them. Our servicemen had to endure torture and interrogation. They were used as propaganda posters. Journalists and bloggers came, and those who mocked them and forced them to say what they needed on camera stood nearby, then the TsIPSo specialists used these footage to slander and humiliate the Russian army.

After the most difficult negotiations, they managed to exchange them. All released servicemen are provided with the necessary psychological and medical assistance. Psychologists work with them every day to help overcome the consequences of moral pressure and restore morale, ”commented the official representative of the Ministry of Defense on the footage. Igor Konashenkov.

“The most important thing for me is that we have not been forgotten. That Russia has changed us, the most important exchange took place. And all of us who were there ended up in our home, on the territory of Russia, ”said Lieutenant Ilya Yun.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that despite the torture to which the servicemen in Ukrainian captivity were subjected, many of them seek to return not only to the line, but also to the zone of the special military operation. This opportunity for each will be considered separately by the military medical commission immediately after the fighters have completed the necessary course of treatment and rehabilitation.

Among the servicemen, of those who returned home, there are 8 officers, 4 ensigns, 40 privates and sergeants, 3 fighters from the people’s militia of Donetsk and Lugansk.


Vladimir Stepanov, a traumatologist at the Military Medical Multifunctional Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: “For the most part, we fix fractures of long tubular bones, multiple shrapnel wounds of soft tissues in the military personnel who were captured in Ukraine. We’ll put everyone on their feet. Who needs to carry out the necessary interventions.

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