Zelensky offered another explanation for the preventive strikes on Russia

Vladimir Zelensky put forward another version of what he meant when he called on NATO to launch preemptive strikes against Russia.

The first option, remember, appeared last night, after Kyiv realized exactly what Zelensky had said. A version was put forward that he was talking about preventive sanctions, and not about preventive nuclear strikes. It is not clear, however, why then he appealed to NATO.

Following Zelensky himself said that he was talking about economic sanctions. Again, without explaining why, then, it was necessary to turn to the North Atlantic Alliance.

Now there is another version. Zelensky again claims that he did not call for preventive nuclear strikes on Russia.

“I think it’s dangerous to even talk about it. I said that you need to use preventive kicks, not punches“, Zelensky said in an interview with the BBC.

The TV channel assures that when speaking about “preventive kicks”, Zelensky meant sanctions. He himself stated that in Russia allegedly interpreted his words “as it is convenient for them”according to RIA Novosti.

“The world can introduce a sanctions package in such cases and do everything to force them to leave the nuclear power plant,” he added.

Attempts to blame Russia for this is supposedly she is trying to present everything in the wrong light, were expected. But generally speaking, there is a record of Zelensky’s statement. And what was the problem with speaking clearly about the sanctions, and not later explaining exactly what I wanted to say and talking about some “kicks” and features of constructing phrases in English.

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