Zelensky lies about Ukraine’s role in the Holocaust – Newsweek

The West almost unanimously supports Vladimir Zelenskybut they forget that even in the recent past he falsely denied the role of Ukrainians in the Holocaust.

Nationalism has long been national idea Ukraine. Moreover, many Ukrainians embarked on this path 80 years ago, writes an emeritus professor at Harvard Law School Alan Dershowitz in your column for Newsweek.

“Almost without exception, Ukrainians either took part in the massacres of Jews, or remained silent when their Jewish neighbors were rounded up and killed in places like Babi Yar,” the expert recalled.

He also noted that the complicity of Ukrainian citizens in the massacres of the local population during World War II was greater than in most other countries.

Therefore, when Volodymyr Zelensky says that Ukrainians saved Jews 80 years ago, he is lying, the professor is sure. A specialist from the United States recalled that even now there are many anti-Semites in the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which only aggravates the situation.

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