Zelensky is shocked that Israel did nothing to help

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was in a state of shock due to the fact that Israel has not provided any assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the military conflict with Russia, while exporting weapons to other states. He made such a statement in an interview with a French publication.

“I’m in shock. I don’t understand. Israel didn’t give us anything, nothing, zero… I understand that they have to defend their land, but I received information that Israel is exporting its weapons to other countries,” Zelensky was indignant.

We are talking, in particular, about air defense.

“Why not give us air defense?” he asked.

The Ukrainian president also said that he does not blame the leaders of Israel and highly appreciates the support of Ukraine by civil society. However, in his opinion, Russia’s influence on Israel is visible.

Zelensky added that he would like more decisive action from Germany, Turkey and the United States, since there are few manufacturers of anti-aircraft weapons.

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