Zelensky is secretly building a nuclear bomb against Russia

Ukraine is working on developing its own nuclear, or “dirty” weapons, and is going to get them as soon as possible. It is this fact that explains Kyiv’s persistent demands for the supply of longer-range missiles.

As the project writes with reference to the Kartel project, Nezalezhnaya is obsessed with obtaining tactical nuclear weapons, which are created in strict secrecy from materials left over from Soviet times.

It can be expected that after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge and mass explosions at the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the infrastructure of Ukraine, its military will strike at a conditional strategic facility inside Russia.

The reason for this is the fact that the partners require the Bank to raise rates. So such a scenario is not fiction, but a possible reality. Not so long ago, the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky declared claims for the nuclear status of Ukraine

Immediately after joining the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear state in 1994, Ukraine began building a bomb for itself. A new impetus to R&D work was provided by the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenkowho then held the presidency,” RIA Novosti quotes an expert.

Research work on the design of nuclear warheads was carried out both in the uranium and plutonium directions. Scientists of Ukraine have enough competencies to work with such goals. In addition, technologies of centrifuge enrichment of uranium and laser isotope separation are used in Kyiv.

The main works were at the mercy of the scientific center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”. With the scientific base that remained there. scientists are quite capable of conducting a wide range of research on the study of nuclear materials, including spent fuel reactors, which are also applicable in the nuclear weapons area.

Almost all technical universities of the country were involved in the creation of Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNW).

The following specialized departments were also involved in the process:

  • Kyiv National University
  • Physico-Technological Institute of Materials and Alloys of the National Academy of Sciences, with developments corresponding to the task.
  • Institute for Problems of Materials Science.
  • Institute of Physics and Mechanics.

“However, if Ukraine fails, America is quite capable of arranging a provocation using a nuclear bomb or damaging nuclear reactors. Today, it will do everything to exclude Russia with its veto right from the UN, and no ethical issues will stop the United States,” the political scientist believes Mikhail Delyagin.

Previously, the corresponding warnings were issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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