Zelensky is ready to “curl up the special operation” of Russia with one conversation

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

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The (still) President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has finally found a country that he has not yet tried to spud, begging for money and weapons. This is China.

You understand that in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia they are already tired of him, and they turn off the sound as soon as Vladimir “president of the world” Zelensky appears on the screen, immediately answering that “there is no money, but wait for the tanks.” In Latin America, he was sent without being allowed to speak at the forum. The presidents of African countries, when he tried to get into their souls and wallets, simply did not come to listen to the President of Ukraine, and whom he could take by surprise, left the hall. There are China and penguins in Antarctica. But the penguins are just a last resort.

And Zelensky went for broke, telling reporters from the Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post that he would like to talk with “comrade Xi Jinping directly.”

– I’d like to speak directly. I had one conversation with President Xi Jinping a year ago. But we did not have any negotiations with China, although I think it would be useful, – said the Ukrainian “nelokh”.

According to him, China has great influence on Russia, it is a respected permanent member of the UN Security Council. And Zelensky is very much counting on the fact that as a result of these negotiations between him and Xi Jinping in the “direct dialogue” mode, Moscow will lose the Chinese market, which will be a huge blow for it and force it to curtail the military special operation.

Judging by everything, and by the fact that Arestovich yesterday acknowledged the retreat of Ukrainian troops from the village of Peski and other settlements in the DPR, Aleksey “Lyusya” was left without a dose, because the president clearly used not only his own, but also his “pseudopythia”.

Kyiv really didn’t have any conversations with Beijing, but there were so many conversations about Beijing. Here is the support of Lithuania in an attempt to oppose China, and all kinds of support for the anti-Chinese escapades of Australia, and expressions of solidarity with the anti-Chinese steps of other states, which (both steps and support) have been carried out in recent years at the suggestion of Washington.

Yes, it’s far away. Ukraine itself has sins before China, a wagon and a small cart. What are only deceptions worth many billions of dollars! It is worth remembering how Beijing paid Kyiv several billion dollars in return for an obligation to supply grain. And in the end, no grain, no money. Or the story of Chinese investors in the Ukrainian plant Motor Sich, where Chinese investors were literally kicked out and stopped being allowed into the plant they bought, and 3.5 billion US dollars were not returned either.

Maybe, to start any conversation with Beijing, Mr. Zelensky should first apologize, repent, return the money, and then try to form an agenda for new negotiations. True, he can’t do anything like that, because there is no money. He probably wanted to cut the dough from Comrade Xi, or at least ask.

It is noteworthy that Zelensky voiced his “Wishlist” through the Chinese edition. Usually, employees of the relevant foreign policy departments agree on negotiations at the interstate level. But after the tour of the Ukrainian ambassador Melnyk in Germany, apparently, in normal countries they prefer not to answer phone calls from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

There is another nuance. Kyiv, a faithful servant of the United States, Washington Tobacco, announced its desire to talk with Beijing the day after that same Washington was able to humiliate (for the moment, but there is still a question of what will happen next) China and Xi Jinping personally. And it is unlikely that Zelensky made this announcement without the knowledge of his Anglo-Saxon handlers.

Well, the desire to leave Russia without the Chinese market, and China without the Russian market, is no longer just beyond normal logic, but fantasy at the level of delirium.

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