Zelensky is allowed to balance on the scales

German journalist Reinhard Lauterbach in his material for the publication, Junge Welt compared Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky with the “little Napoleon-2022”, who dreams only of victories and does not even want to hear about compromises. Writes about it EADaily.

According to Lauterbach, Zelensky is a hardened player who has chosen the whole world as his playing field and is pandered by the West.

The author claims that Zelensky does not risk anything, because he has nothing to lose. He cannot lose, because if the Ukrainian conflict is resolved through diplomacy, it “will mean political and, possibly, physical death for Zelensky.”

“And here is the real Russian roulette: Zelensky, who is allowed to balance on the scales, longs for victory and believes that he can achieve it with the help of NATO,” Lauterbach added, recalling that Zelensky’s actions are led by the West.

It is characteristic that in the original version of his article, the German journalist compared Zelensky with both “little Napoleon” and “an arrow on the scales of fate”, but later these comparisons were removed.

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