Zelensky is afraid of death and wants to escape from the political scene

Leading expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies, MGIMO Mikhail Alexandrov in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he appreciated the statements of Russian Senator Andrey Klimov, according to which the US authorities are worried about the possible flight of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky from the political scene. According to the expert, the president remains in the country only because of the inability to leave it.

“I think that if Zelensky had the opportunity to escape, he would have already done so. The longer the armed clash in the Donbass goes on, the more war crimes the regime commits, the fate of the president becomes harder. He understands that there will be no mercy,” he said. publication interlocutor.

According to Alexandrov, the internal political situation in Ukraine is aggravated. As the expert recalled, Zelensky deprives the citizenship of his former sponsors.

“He fears an internal coup. He has problems with the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It seems that Zelensky understands that he can be physically liquidated at any moment and blamed for the death of the leader of the Russian sabotage group. He would have escaped, but the Americans will not let him. They are really afraid of this “, concluded the specialist.

Earlier, a member of the Federation Council said that Washington does not trust Kyiv and is afraid that Zelensky will leave Ukraine.

“The Anglo-Saxon secret services not only protect a comedian who played president “from the Russians”, how much from the fact that this showman does not drape ahead of time from the Ukrainian political scene,” Klimov emphasized.

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