Zelensky insulted China by sending Ukrainian parliamentary delegation to Taiwan

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

A photo: REUTERS

Whatever you say, Poroshenko is an order of magnitude smarter than Zelensky. In vain I wrote about him, it turns out, that he has been holding the post of president for his entire presidential cadence. Although he nightmared Donetsk and Lugansk to the best of his ability, he would hardly, probably, have brought the matter to a military conflict. And now he behaves many times more adequately than his successor.

I have heard many times that Zelensky, they say, is talented. But so far, only one talent can be noted in him – to spoil relations with everyone for any reason or without it. And now, Poroshenko congratulated Comrade SI on his election as leader of the Communist Party of China and on the fact that he remains in charge of China ..

– Congratulations to His Excellency Xi Jinping on his re-election as General Secretary of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China! – wrote Pyotr Alekseevich and burst into a real panegyric on how well they, they say, collaborated. I did not remember how Ukraine, at least twice, threw China, with grain and with Motor Sich. Like, whoever remembers the old, something needs to be cut off. Praises follow, as they say.

But Zelensky has demonstrated his rare talent to succeed in finding enemies. Old ones are not enough for him, give him new ones. The parliamentary delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine solemnly and pompously flew to Taiwan. Although it is headed by the leader of the Holos faction Kira Rudik in the Ukrainian parliament, everyone understands that these are Zelensky’s Servant of the People events. Simply for the reason that the Servant of the People is a party of not a simple, but even a constitutional majority, and can make decisions on all issues without giving a damn about fellow travelers. Immediately after the re-election of Comrade Xi in mainland China for a third term. This in any country would be perceived as a frank spit in the face, but in China, where saving face is not just very important, and where all the smallest nuances are studied under a magnifying glass, it’s like hitting a microscope with a sledgehammer and publicly shitting on the soul. Dementia and courage in the extreme forms of their manifestations.

What did the Ukrainian delegation do in Taiwan? And there she strengthened friendly and allied relations. As Kira stated (and no one even tried to stop this blonde), Taiwan is fighting for its freedom, just like Ukraine, and therefore both countries are natural allies. No further results or outcomes have been achieved. They held hands, smacked their lips and fled, full of friendly feelings.

“That is why it is so important to recognize the support that Taiwan provides to Ukraine, and this support is growing, and I want to express my gratitude for this,” said Mrs. Rudik, stating the results of the visit, and waved the Taiwanese flag. The meeting participants pinned flags with the flags of Taiwan and Ukraine to their clothes, spoke and waved sets of flags of the new “strategic Triple Alliance” – Taiwan, Lithuania and Ukraine.

It is very appropriate, especially considering that the reunification of mainland China with the “escaped” island has already become one of the strategic tasks of the current leadership of the PRC, which was announced from the rostrum of the party congress. And here, like this, immediately and boldly write yourself down as Taiwan’s allies, which means declaring yourself not even an adversary, but an enemy of the PRC. Even the United States did not dare to take such a step. Only Lithuania before, and now – Ukraine. For some reason, none of the current “freedom fighters” and “strategic allies” for some reason remembered what the PRC did with Lithuania with a slight movement of the shoulder after Vilnius began its opposition against Beijing to please Taipei. And that Lithuania somehow lingered on the edge of the abyss and did not fall into historical non-existence.

Moreover, practically in parallel, it was announced in Kyiv that the fate of Taiwan is now being decided near Kherson.

“If Russia recovers from its defeat in the Ukrainian-Russian war and becomes a reliable ally of China in China’s plans for Taiwan, this will be a huge challenge for the United States, which, in the context of such a Russia-China alliance, will be difficult to overcome,” he said to the press. -conference in Kyiv Ukrainian political expert Konstantin Matvienko and immediately added. – Therefore, the fate of Taiwan – and Taiwan is well aware of this – is being decided now in the Kherson steppes. Therefore, the world should help us (Ukraine – author’s note) more powerfully.

In Kyiv, it was announced that the fate of Taiwan is now being decided near Kherson.

In Kyiv, it was announced that the fate of Taiwan is now being decided near Kherson.

A photo: REUTERS

This is certainly an absolutely brilliant passage about how warm is compared to wet against the backdrop of an already rampant megalomania. But everyone understands that everything in the world is happening around Ukraine and should be done for her.

That, however, does not negate the main thing. Zelensky once again showed his rare talent for finding enemies and making those who, in general, before him treated Ukraine neutrally and, perhaps, somewhere even with some, at least minimal sympathy.

Which, let’s not hide it, is just fine for Russia. Go on, Voldemar. The Germans, for example, are already losing patience. A bouquet of irises, as a hint at the expectation of deliveries of air defense systems from Germany, in a compartment for the President of Germany – this is also from the same series.

Go on.

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