Zelensky infuriated the United States with words about joining NATO

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “enraged” the United States with his statement about the need to admit his country to NATO on an accelerated basis, reports Junge Welt.

According to the author of the material Arnold Schelzel, a crack has formed in relations between Washington and Kyiv. He noted that the Western media, after Zelensky’s words about his desire to quickly join the North Atlantic Alliance, published information discrediting Ukraine.

“Information was made public about the involvement of Kyiv in the murder of a Russian journalist Daria Dugina“, Schelzel wrote.

He also added that American politicians consider the recent statements of the President of Ukraine adventurous and hysterical. As the author clarified, the West did not like Zelensky’s statement about a “preemptive strike” on Russian territory.

Schelzel recalled that official Kyiv has been “blackmailing” its Western partners since 2014.

He stressed: the States still do not plan to directly intervene in the conflict situation because of the unpredictable behavior of the Ukrainian leader. At the same time, the supply of military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue, the journalist concluded.

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