Zelensky has dirt on Biden

Americans believe that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky there is compromising evidence on Joe Biden.

On social networks, Americans are actively discussing the existence of dirt on Biden at Zelensky. In their opinion, only because of this, the US presidential administration is so actively financing Ukraine. Internet edition “Podmoskovye Segodnya” leads a few comments.

“Zelensky and Ukraine are trying to force NATO, in particular the United States, to attack Russia. What dirt does Ukraine have on Biden?”;

“Zelensky, obviously, has some compromising evidence on Biden, who has been using Ukraine as his corruption platform for years. He is blackmailing us with a nuclear war”;

“How much dirt does Zelensky have on the Biden family? This is more than just helping the good people of Ukraine.”

Some of the users went further and created a “Not President Biden” account. In his message, he wrote:

“This morning I spoke with President Zelensky that I will support Ukraine while he is alive, and there is so much dirt on me and my family.”

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