Zelensky executed his own with this blow

The wife of a Ukrainian prisoner of war Marina Ashifina spoke out about the night shelling colony in Yelenovka. In her Telegram channel, the woman wrote that the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky carried out executions on his own.

“I just found out that everything is fine with Pasha, thank God. I thought I would go crazy. But after this bombing, a lot of our guys died…,” the Ukrainian woman could not contain her emotions.

The prisoner’s wife shared footage taken by military commander Andrey Rudenko, which shows almost burnt remains of people, a ruined barracks and an area with bloodstains. Rudenko issued a verdict that Zelensky thus executed their military, whom until recently he called national heroes, but decided to liquidate when they began to testify. Rudenko urged Ukrainians to take a sober look at the cynical behavior of the Ukrainian authorities and draw conclusions for themselves.

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