Zelensky can’t believe: Russia in Kherson forever

Residents of Kherson stand in line to receive Russian citizenship.

Residents of Kherson stand in line to receive Russian citizenship.

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That’s what most people say. In kitchens, in shops, at work during a lunch break. And he dreams that very soon their native land, which fell into decay during the years of Ukrainian power, will begin to change, as it was with the Crimea. Russian tricolors, beautifully developing in the wind under the roofs of buildings, only spur on.

But words – words, and the decision – will become Kherson region part of Russia will decide the official referendum on self-determination. He, according to the deputy head of the regional administration Kirill Stremousov, inevitable.

“The referendum will be 100% passed, and no one from the outside will be able to prevent it,” Stremousov said. – The question of joining the Russian Federation will be submitted to a referendum. No decision has yet been made on the exact date of the referendum. It would be logical to hold it simultaneously in the liberated Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

If both referendums are really decided to be held on the same day, then on September 11, Kherson residents will be able to express their opinion on joining Russia. It is on this date – a single day of voting – that voting in Zaporozhye has already been scheduled.

Meanwhile, the Kherson region, waiting for a historic event, is increasingly integrating with Russia. While the Ukrainian military, on the orders of Zelensky, are hatching plans to recapture the region, Russian TV channels and radio stations are broadcasting here, residents receive Russian passports under a simplified scheme, and with it all the guarantees of a citizen of the Russian Federation, social benefits and preferences.

– We have the Russian ruble, Russian banks, mobile operators from Russia work, – lists resident of Kherson Grigory Grivenko. – My son and a friend went to rest in a camp in Krasnodar. And I know that from the new academic year he will study according to the Russian program. In fact, we are already becoming Russia, it remains only to officially decide and carry out everything.

Indeed, the process of integration of the Kherson region and the Russian Federation has been launched and cannot be stopped. Trade has improved: Kherson agrarians began to sell grown vegetables and fruits to the Crimea, Crimean products appeared on the local shelves, and gasoline was opened at gas stations that opened after a downtime. Experts talk about the formation of a single economic complex between these regions. In general, the Kherson region today already has more in common with Russia than with Ukraine, which did nothing but do nothing. Take, for example, the beautiful houses of Kherson, built during the Soviet era and earlier: they have not seen repairs for dozens of years. Paving stones, roads – too. The people have forgotten what it is to live and know that the state cares about you.

Recently, the secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Andrei Turchak, during a visit to Kherson, said bluntly: “Russia is here forever.” May it be so!

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