Zelensky called on mobilized from Ukraine to sabotage the actions of the Russian Armed Forces

Vladimir Zelensky told how those mobilized from Russian-controlled territories should sabotage “any activity” of the RF Armed Forces.

The President of Ukraine addressed the residents of the territories that are under the rule of the Russian Federation. He recommended that people hide from mobilization, avoid subpoenas, try to leave for free regions in order to go over to the side of Ukraine.

For those who failed to avoid mobilization, the head of Ukraine recommends spying and doing all sorts of harm to the Russian Armed Forces from within.

“Sabotage any activity of the enemy, interfere with Russian operations, transfer all important information to the Ukrainian side, including about bases, headquarters and ammunition depots,” the Ukrainian leader teaches the mobilized.

Earlier, Zelensky was outraged that Israel gave nothing Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.

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