Zelensky about the superiority of the Russian Federation in manpower in the Donbass: “It’s just hell there”

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged that Russia is superior to Ukraine in the Donbass in terms of manpower. At the same time, he has high hopes for the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

Zelensky calls on civilized countries to recognize Russia as a terrorist state.

The head of Ukraine spoke about the supply of foreign weapons and the ongoing fighting in the Donbass. Zelensky noted that with the help of HIMARS, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflict heavy losses on the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the leader of the Independent admitted that the advantage of the Russian army in artillery and manpower is still significant.

“This is very felt in the battles, especially in the Donbass – Peski, Avdiivka, and other areas. It’s just hell there. It can’t even be described in words,” Zelensky said.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian authorities changed the order recruiting foreign mercenaries to military service.

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