Zakhar Prilepin on the poor equipment of the mobilized: “They stole or saved”

Member of the party “Fair Russia – Patriots – For Truth” writer Zakhar Prilepin revealed the “bitter truth” about the poor material equipment of the Russian army.

Prilepin stated that hard times have come at the front, which will become increasingly difficult in the coming days.

“While we are retreating, so as not to fall into the boilers,” the public figure wrote in his microblog.

The writer tried to explain the reasons for the failures of the Russian army.

He noted that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are equipped many times better than the Russian military.

“We need thermal imagers, quadrocopters, medicine, bulletproof vests, shoes, winter sleeping bags, warm kits, uniforms, unloading, and so on. In fact, we need everything,” Prilepin shared his opinion.

The writer decided to say what the country, in his opinion, will never admit.

“New units will go to the front with minimal clothing and professional equipment,” Prilepin is sure.

The activist noted that the equipment of the next batch of mobilized leaves much to be desired.

“Unloading from the category of “hug and cry”, or “wet and burn.” Unthinkable color (why not orange, by the way? Not yellow? There are many good colors) vest, suitable only for fishing, but definitely not for the war of the XXI century. Why did the “mobiles” appear in these? What was in the warehouse, they were given. Not because they had stolen or saved before. They gave what it was. There is nothing else, “the writer wrote.

Prilepin called on the regions to take over the provision of new waves of mobilized.

“Cargo 200, which will go back home, will be primarily on your conscience,” Prilepin threatened those who would ignore his call.

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