Zakhar Prilepin: It’s not about Smolyaninov. You ask other artists about their position

Until the state admits to itself that it raised this Smolyaninov, and not

Until the state admits to itself that it raised this Smolyaninov, and not “it grew by itself”, nothing will change”


Artur Smolyaninov is good because he speaks about what he thinks – out loud.

I have known him for a long time – he starred in a film based on my story “Eight” – by the way, I wanted another artist, but the director insisted on this candidacy. Arthur was transverse even then – and not the authorities, but precisely that of Russia, and this, as it were, flaunted.

Our problem, however, is not in him, but in a completely different one. We have numerous artists sitting in all the main theaters who, plus or minus, argue the same way. And the main director’s staff either yearns or quietly cheers for Kyiv. But we do not want to talk about this aloud, and they are shoving the problem under the cloth.

In fact, all these people evenly showed themselves already in 2014: violently speaking out against the Crimeans, and simply mocking the Donbass resistance in the most obscene way.

Nevertheless, the cultural policy was built in such a way that we are now unable to release new films shot before February last year: either the screenwriter is a foreign agent, or the director has fled, then all the artists playing the main roles have written five collective letters against the CBO .

And how did it happen? And it turned out so because the collective rodnyansky was sitting astride our cinema. And the fact that a particular Rodnyansky left did not change anything in essence over the past year.

Well, now they will pass a law and, for example, deprive Smolyaninov of citizenship. So what? Will we have a new movie from this? Will directors rush to make films about Struna and Motorola? They didn’t even start. How the hell run away from incense.

What is happening in our theaters in connection with the NWO? Well, they forced all this public to declare once that they “support the president.” And then they crawled into the gap, and look from there with one eye: is it over already? Can you crawl out?

We all love and appreciate these people, but you ask yourself: what is the position of directors and artists?

They will tell me: they are not required to have positions.

And I agree! I agree!

But why do we have a hundred artistic directors of the main theaters, all one hundred do not have a position?

Why do we have one hundred top film directors – no one has it – just don’t immediately talk about Mikhalkov and Shakhnazarov – they don’t shoot anymore. I’m talking about those hundred directors – who shoot (in our country, if you don’t know, they shoot about a hundred films a year).

Well? Who is there? Can you name two? Who loudly supported the NWO?

Let me repeat it again just to make sure. I am not calling on anyone to cancel or ban. I ask the state: why don’t you have anyone?

Until the state admits to itself that it raised this Smolyaninov, and not “it grew by itself”, nothing will change”


What to do with Russian cultural figures who betrayed our country?

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