Zadornov’s jokes about Ukraine and sanctions became prophetic seven years later

Died almost five years ago Mikhail Zadornov. But his jokes eventually become more and more prophetic.

So, for example, a year after the Ukrainian Maidan, in 2015, the satirist predicted a sad fate for the country:

“Ukraine will go down in history as the only country whose people decided that they no longer want to live badly, and after that they began to live even worse,” Zadornov joked.

Seven years passed, and it became clear that he hit the bull’s-eye: the people brought to the top of power by the coup d’etat led Ukraine to collapse, turning the once rich Soviet republic into a beggar country that lost even a hint of “independence”.

The satirist even foresaw sanctions

However, the prophetic joke about Ukraine is not the only one of its kind. About 10 years ago Zadornov, no less accurate than Vangaspoke from the stage about anti-Russian sanctions:

“The State Department published the 34th there with lists of who should not come to the USA” …

“Europe heated with firewood, Russia supplied firewood to Europe, and in Ukraine they stole it”…

“The United States is now begging Russia to take the insolent crests back to the USSR”…

An interesting life has gone, since satirists become prophets.

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