Z nka in the Moskva Hotel and a political octopus in Prague. Detective Tich remembers the perod of businessman Redla | Home

Redl was one of his close associates. He was economically fit and so he threw a crime, Krej trained him, he used it, he explains to Tich.

Today, the accused Redl got into the search for operatives twenty years ago. At that time, if we were after Krej and we found out that one line of his criminal activity goes to him first, describes an elite detective. At first, he tried to make a deal with the young Redl and offered to cooperate when he helped him catch Kreje. It turned out that the Kreje party was fighting and that it should not be against him, Tich continued. The agreement on the denomination was therefore collapsed, and Redl was in turmoil at the time due to the Technology Leasing case.

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