Yushkov: the ruble is strengthening, and imported goods are not getting cheaper because of sellers

According to an economic expert Igor Yushkovthe price of imported goods should have decreased after strengthening of the ruble. However, there was no reduction in the cost, and now the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) should understand this.

“Theoretically, various imported goods should become cheaper in ruble terms. Here is the question for the FAS, whether it is watching, monitoring the price reduction or not,” Yushkov said in an interview with

The expert notes that sellers have a “bad habit” to raise prices against the background of the fall of the ruble, but not to reduce it when the ruble is strengthening.

“This is the task, including for the Federal Antimonopoly Service, to monitor fair pricing,” Yushkov stressed.

The analyst is convinced that at the moment it is necessary to find out the cause of the problem: inflation or the intention of sellers to earn more.

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