Yuri Shatunov’s debts: before his death, the artist did not have time to pay off

The tax service issued an invoice for 77 thousand rubles to the late Yuri Shatunov

The tax service issued an invoice for 77 thousand rubles to the late Yuri Shatunov

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Yuri Shatunov there is no rest even in the next world: the artist’s grave falls protect from crazy fansand ex-producer Andrey Razin threatens the heirs with courts for the rights to the songs of “Tender May” and rinses the name of Shatunov scandalous statements about his murder. And now, after almost 40 days, when relatives are preparing for the commemoration, it turned out that during his lifetime the musician did not have time to pay off his financial obligations.

As it became known to the site, the Tax Service billed the artist for 77.7 thousand rubles. This includes a payment for property in Moscow (in 2018, for some reason, Shatunov did not pay a “letter of happiness” with an apartment tax), and numerous income taxes, and late fees.

Meanwhile, Shatunov is not the only known name on the list of deceased debtors. So, according to, on Alexander Gradsky still hangs a debt to the Tax in the amount 448 thousand rubles (these are payments for luxurious houses and cars of the master): his relatives are in no hurry to extinguish due to numerous disputes and litigation over the division of the inheritance. And besides, unpaid bills were found with Oleg Tabakovwho died in 2018. The actor remained indebted to the Federal Tax Service 85 thousand rubles: these are land taxes for 2014 and 2015.


“Debts pass to heirs”

– When entering into an inheritance, any notary notifies the heirs that they not only receive some kind of property, but are also responsible for the debts of the deceased, – explained lawyer Mikhail Alekseevwhich leads on YouTube your channel about business and beyond. – The process of becoming an inheritance can drag on for many years due to disagreements and courts, and all this time the debt will hang. It must be extinguished by the one who receives the property. If there are several heirs, jointly and severally in the same shares in which the inheritance was divided.

If the debt is not repaid for a long time, the case may reach litigation. The Federal Tax Service goes to court, and bailiffs, by a court decision, can seize the property of the heir until he pays.

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