Yuri Shatunov was killed by endless trials? The lawyer explained who will now be able to claim his songs

Lawyer Alexander Karabanov explained who will be able to claim the songs of Yuri Shatunov

Lawyer Alexander Karabanov explained who will be able to claim the songs of Yuri Shatunov

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The leader of “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov died on the night of June 23. The artist died suddenly in the Domodedovo hospital. Heart stopped.

Two days before his death, Yuri Shatunov rejoiced, wrote joyful posts about the victory for the hits “White Roses” and “Gray Night”. Recall that the last few years, Yuri Shatunov fought with the former producer of “Tender May” Andrei Razin for the rights to the songs. On June 20, the court allowed the musician to perform the band’s legendary hits at his concerts.

– All that Andrei Razin is trying to do against me is death cramps. The fact that he claims that Kuzya (note Sergey Kuznetsov, author of the song “White Roses”) transferred the rights to him back in 1992 is a hoax. I know Kuzya longer than Razin, he would not have done that, ”Yuri Shatunov said after the trial.

Razin was dissatisfied with the decision and wanted to appeal. But lawyer Yuri Shatunova said that this was pointless, since Andrei Razin brought fake papers to the court, which even the judges did not believe.

Fans who learned about the death of an idol believe that the courts affected the health of the artist.

– I think that this is not an accident when Yuri received his rights to songs from Razin in a long struggle and suddenly dies two days later. The courts clearly shook his health. The body was under stress, but continued to work, and then the victory and sores became more active, – wrote in social networks fan Dmitry Smely.

Now, when the main courts are behind, and the copyrights are all received, Yuri Shatunov could go on a big tour, performing everyone’s favorite hits. He planned an autumn tour of the cities of Siberia and Germany. But the life of the artist was cut short.

Lawyers say that Yuri Shatunov’s struggle for the rights to songs was not in vain, since the hits of “Tender May” remained in the artist’s family.

Who will get the copyright for the songs?

– After the death of a person, a hereditary case will be opened. If he has any assets of a property and non-property nature, in particular copyright for songs, then the heir will be designated in the format of a notarized definition. It is the heir, fixed in the order specified in the law, who will fully manage the copyright to the songs, – told lawyer Alexander Karabanov.

– How exactly?

– Anything. Allow to use in a cafe, at events, concerts, provide the opportunity to perform to someone else. Rent them out, even sell them.

– And the author of the song “White Roses” Sergey Kuznetsov can claim the rights?

– Not. If the author sold the song, then he does not have any rights to it. This is an analogy: the person who built the house and sold it no longer has any rights to it.


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