Yuri Shatunov left Russia, but was forced to return to earn money

The star of

The star of “Tender May” sang at concerts and private parties, so his wife did not work

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At Yuri Shatunov I have had heart problems for a long time. He knew about it, but did not advertise the sores in an interview. Seen by doctors in Germany, where he lived with his wife and children. Died at 48 in Russia where he came to work. By tradition, three times a year, Shatunov travels with mini-tours to the regions – this was enough to provide for his family, it made it possible for the star’s wife not to work in Germany, but to devote all her time to raising her son and daughter.

In 2022, Yuri Shatunov sang in Russia in winter, then in spring and early summer, and new tours were planned for autumn – in Belarus in October, in 10 major regions of Russia in November, tickets were already on sale. Yuri Shatunov gave six concerts in the second half of May and eight in June – he performed mainly near Moscow. The last concert in Podolsk ended the tour on June 20th.

We spoke to a viewer of his penultimate concert in Lyubertsy on June 19. A devoted fan of Shatunov, Semyon Kopylov, was at the invitation of a friend at the performance of the star and told “My good friend, a fan of Yuri, is thirty years old. On April 2, she and I were at the Crocus at Shatunov’s big concert – the hall was full, everyone sang in unison. And so we again went to a concert in June – I recalled my youth with pleasure, everyone there was like us “slightly over 40”. Shatunov looked cheerful, joked a lot, was fresh and energetic. No edema – what kind of nonsense are the haters writing now. He looked like a non-drinking healthy artist. Better than most young people. He sang live, not under plywood, he sang for more than two hours. The ticket cost about 5 thousand rubles. Yura joked and talked about his children and family – apparently he loved them very much. This same concert in Lyubertsy was added to the tour at the last moment as an additional one – at the request of the audience and the organizers.

Which emphasizes once again – Shatunov was in great demand. Of course, Yury Shatunov no longer collected stadiums like in the days of Tender May, but large halls were sold out quickly – nostalgia made its childhood, people went to the legendary pop singer twice a year. For concerts at large venues, the artist received an average of 1 million rubles. But at private parties (weddings, birthdays, professional holidays in the regions) he earned more: his fee started from 35 thousand euros – from 1.9 million rubles. at today’s rate. Shatunov flew to Russia to sing – to concerts, and when it turned out, he combined it with additional earnings – at private events, with filming in television programs. At concerts, on set, on tour and even at weddings – no one has ever seen Yuri Shatunov drunk. He himself did not talk about long-standing heart problems – but he kept his health under control. For 2022, Yuri Shatunov was scheduled for 55 solo concerts, he managed to sing only 36. The singer had plans to relax in the summer with his wife and children in Sochi. And in Moscow, and in Sochi, and in Munich, Yuri Shatunov left real estate, for which he earned his performances over more than 30 years of creative activity.


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