Yura Shatunov died painfully within an hour due to necrosis

Barely alive singer was transported from one hospital to another

Barely alive singer was transported from one hospital to another

A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

The death of Yuri Shatunov is overgrown with terrible details. The artist became ill at the dacha during dinner. Friends had a fun evening – they ate crayfish, drank beer. But suddenly Shatunov began to choke and clutched his heart. It was a little over 23:00 on the clock.

Yuri Shatunov was dying within an hour. When he became ill, his friends called an ambulance. However, the doctors, having learned the address, advised to take the star to the nearest hospital on their own. Like, it will be faster, writes site

The barely alive performer of the hit “White Roses” was somehow loaded into a car and taken to the Rastunov city hospital on Mirnaya Street. All the time before arriving at the hospital, Shatunov was conscious.

The singer managed to tell the doctors about acute chest pain. He was given first aid at the hospital, but his condition began to worsen. At 23:45 Shatunov was still alive.

From there, Yura was taken to the Domodedovo Central District Hospital. There Shatunov died literally on the verge of a heart attack. At 00:20 he was brought to the emergency department, at the same moment there was a cardiac arrest, reports

The idol of millions of Soviet girls died of a transmural myocardial infarction. This is the most severe form of necrosis of the cardiac muscle, in which all layers of the heart are affected.

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