Yulia Menshova told what happened to Maxim Galkin before escaping from Russia

The fifth husband of Alla Pugacheva himself ruined his career

The fifth husband of Alla Pugacheva himself ruined his career

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Julia Menshova talked about how Maksim Galkin ruined his career in Russia. Leading two years worked side by side with the fifth husband of Alla Pugachevabecause the actress personally observed what was happening in the life of a showman.

Julia Menshova said that career Maxim Galkin in Russia went downhill after he posted a controversial blog post. “We are Maxim Galkin worked for a while. I know very little about him. But I know the rumors about what happened to him before his departure. Maxim published a black window on the social network … “- shared her thoughts 53 year old actress on his YouTube show.

After the scandalous attack fifth husband of Alla Pugacheva fans rioted, literally christening the artist almost a traitor to the Motherland. Advertisers gradually refused to cooperate with the comedian.

As a result, Galkin and his family left Russia. Having lost his income, the presenter began frantically looking for work abroad. Of course, Maxim does not have to dream about those earnings that were in Moscow. But he collects small halls in cities and villages.

It’s been almost six months now6 year old showman lives abroad and wanders around the world in the hope of improving his shaky financial situation. Galkin is not going to Russia, especially since few people are waiting for him here.

“I think that Galkin must be recognized as a lifelong undesirable person in Russia. He himself will not return … Galkin’s “jokes” are below the plinth and offend the Russian people. When Galkin is recognized as a lifelong undesirable person in Russia and he will not be able to enter here, his tours abroad and earnings will gradually come to naught. The audience doesn’t go for humor – to see how the former official humorist grimaces from the stage, treated kindly by the TV channels and the public, which he betrayed, “deputy Roman Khudyakov shared about the actions of the showman.

In turn, numerologist Vladimir Kuznetsov believes that hard times have come in a pair of Pugacheva and Galkin, and difficulties are unlikely to unite them. “The fact is that the couple is charged from the audience, parties, social events and concerts. If the situation does not normalize in the near future, difficult times will come in the family of Galkin and Pugacheva, and then a divorce is inevitable,” Kuznetsova quotes “StarHit”.

It is worth noting that the relationship between Maxim and Alla has always aroused particular interest in society. For a long time, this couple has attracted the attention of the public. It was the Primadonna who opened the road to the starry Olympus for the young spouse, supporting all his projects and undertakings.

“The most interesting thing is that relations, it is Maxim who is the main, because it turned out to be the owner of the thousandth sign. He has high self-esteem, is ambitious and enterprising … Now Pugacheva is not having the best time, and this trend will continue until her next birthday, and also for some time after. That is why the situation with the upcoming divorce looks quite realistic at the moment. Of course, it is possible to avoid disintegration, but both spouses will have to make every effort,” the specialist noted.

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