“You won’t be fed up with a postage stamp”

The weapons that Western countries supply to Ukraine are quickly running out. According to the political scientist Yulia Vityazeva, besides this, the motivation of the soldiers is melting before our eyes. Kyiv “sang” the invincibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in fact the army have to keep retreating.

The amount of weapons that Ukraine needs, the United States is not able to provide. If the States “give everything away”, then they will actually be left with a hole in the defense. However, Ukrainian propaganda even before that intended to “worse” the situation and give out false messages to the people.

“As I understand it, all Ukrainian weapons have already ended,” the political scientist explained in an interview with Journalistskaya Pravda. – For three months they fooled the Ukrainian people, saying that “they are fighting with one machine gun for the whole platoon.” It turns out that everything is far from the way Ukrainian propaganda painted. One postage stamp, talking about the island of the Snake, you can’t feed people, but there’s nothing new.”

According to Vityazeva, Ukrainians are gradually beginning to soberly assess the situation, which means that discontent will only grow and there is a high probability that this will result in a riot. As Vityazeva emphasized, politicians will simply drop everything and leave.

“Arestovich has already thought about real estate and a comfortable existence for the future. The only thing is that Zelensky may not be allowed to leave,” the political scientist concluded.

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