You want to eat so much that you have nowhere to sleep: “Two percent” brought Europe to its knees

The International Air Transport Association announced that it was time to think about resuming air travel through Russian airspace.

The International Air Transport Association announced that it was time to think about resuming air travel through Russian airspace.

A photo: Ivan VISLOV

How they boasted, how they laughed and scoffed, brazenly grinning in our faces: “What can a rusty gas station country that occupies less than two percent of the world economy do?” Say, Russia can only helplessly drop its hands and kneel, because “the whole civilized world” … Further on. Having listened to their propaganda and soaked in it so that drops of fat appeared through their powdered muzzles, they grunted contemptuously and asked with a joke about the capitalization of Facebook *. Like, the world will swallow Russia, and not only won’t choke, but simply won’t notice.

It hasn’t been that long. As the late Mikhail Nikolaevich Zadornov said in such cases, “it was getting dark.”

The Director General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), William Walsh, suddenly made such a statement that he had to literally squeeze out of himself. The time has come, they say, to think about the resumption of air flights through the airspace of Russia.

Oh what happened? Why are you so pale from your face? Oh, are Western airlines suffering losses? Well, yes, we understand that now it is very unprofitable to fly from London to China by western flights. And not only to China. And more expensive, and four to six hours (at least -!) Longer. While you fly around Russia, you will eat more than one loaf of bread. Meanwhile, Chinese airliners surf the space with short flights and are cheaper for passengers. Again, after refusing to fly on certified routes through Russia, Western airlines had to restructure all their work, certify new ones, coordinate them with the flights of existing flights, almost push elbows with other flights of other airlines shouting “You were not standing here!” and “In line, you sons of bitches! In line!” In general, a flea market formed in the skies of Europe no worse than on a market day in the market. And the airspace of Russia in this situation is just a tasty morsel and almost a panacea.

But, gentlemen, there is such a thing – it does not depend on you now. It was you who closed the sky for flights from Russia. And in response, we closed our airspace for you. And here without the principle of “give – on give” can not do. If you open, they will open for you. May be. Or maybe not. We’ve kind of gotten used to it. Moreover, simply opening the sky in itself does not solve anything. It is necessary to remove sanctions from Russian citizens. And you can hardly afford that.

William Walsh, Director General of the International Air Transport Association.  Photo:

William Walsh, Director General of the International Air Transport Association. Photo:

However, air transport is just one of the many problems that the West has launched in Russia and suddenly boomeranged itself in a teapot or even in an even more sensitive place. There are also carbon-based energy resources, on which the EU has also imposed sanctions against Russia. albeit with a lot of reservations. Some were not allowed at all, some were temporarily given relief, and some were completely removed from these sanctions. The list of these countries can be long and tedious.

But there is also an industry no less sensitive for the West, in which the sanctions “boomerang”. Germany, France and the Netherlands appealed to the EU leadership with a request to “adjust sanctions against Moscow in order to improve food exports from Russia.” So far, all this is being served under the pretext of supplying grain and fertilizers to countries in need. However, the already existing experience of the “grain deal” shows that for some reason the countries of the European Union themselves need this grain most of all. Brussels is ready to feed the “starving Africa”, if anything, but, it seems, only with leftovers from its table, first satiating the Europeans.

In addition, we should not forget that in addition to fertilizers and energy, food raw materials and food products themselves are becoming much more expensive in Europe. And to bring down these prices, according to all the laws of the market, it is possible in the current conditions, only by increasing the supply.

How harmful these 2% of the Russian economy turned out to be. In any way, it turns out, one cannot do without them in the entire world economy. It turns out that the world economy noticed them, and choked on them, and could not even swallow …

By the way, what about Apple’s capitalization and Facebook’s quotes? And what is their role in ensuring that people around the world go to bed full and satisfied? Oh yes, and also in warm beds in houses with a comfortable temperature.

And yet this is only the beginning. As Mikhail Nikolaevich said, may his memory be blessed, “it was getting dark.” It has not yet become evening – so that it is completely dark, even if you gouge out your eye – but it is only getting dark.

* The activity of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) is banned in Russia as extremist.


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