You never dreamed: how much Ksenia Sobchak, Nastya Ivleeva and Victoria Bonya earned on their marathons

Recently completed a sensational online marathon "Sobchak method"where Ksenia taught the townsfolk her secrets of success

Recently, the sensational online marathon “Sobchak Method” ended, where Ksenia taught the townsfolk her secrets of success

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Oksana Samoilova moves into a $10 million mansion, Elena Blinovskaya buys an apartment instead of a handbag and becomes a resident while shopping in Dubai, Regina Todorenko suits childbirth in Canada for 1 million rubles… And why not, if infogypsy business (see “KP Glossary”) blooms and smells? It seems that in the coming years, the stars have found a gold mine from which a lot of money is pumped. How huge, the site calculated.


Recently ended sensational online marathon “Sobchak Method”, where Ksenia taught the townsfolk her secrets of success. Alas, this project, which took place under the flag of the fight against infogypsyism, according to lawyers, has itself become its classic example (we already wrote about it). The star lectured from a prompter, stuffing people with information from open, and most importantly, free sources.

In the course of the scandalous blonde, according to her confession, 2.5 thousand people took part. Standard rates – 12 and 40 thousand rubles. Plus, another 10 people paid for VIP packages for 600 thousand. The math is simple: we multiply the minimum rate by attendance, plus the “VIPs” and get the lower profitability bar. We do the same with the maximum tariff – here is the “ceiling” for you.

Well: “Sobchak method”

Number of participants: 2.5 thousand people*

Course cost: 12 thousand, 40 thousand and 600 thousand rubles (only 10 people on a VIP tariff)

Total revenues: from 36 million to 106 million rubles.

*Hereinafter, figures are given from the interviews of the authors, open sources or unofficial insider data.


The star of “Eagle and Tails” acted wisely by setting very modest rates by stellar standards for her fitness marathon. And in the end, she took it in quantity: her three-week training course “in the name of elastic buttocks, beautiful posture, abs and fat loss” was bought by tens of thousands of followers.

Star "Eagles and Tails" acted wisely

The star of “Eagle and Tails” acted wisely

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Well: “Fierce Flex”

Number of participants: 89 thousand people.

Course cost: 2.8 thousand and 3.2 thousand rubles.

Total revenues: from 249 million to 284 million rubles.


The TV presenter enthusiastically joined the ranks of the information tycoons: she attracted her unemployed husband Vlad Topalov to the lectures and released her product in record time. Perhaps that is why he was filled with all sorts of nonsense. “If you find it difficult to fulfill desires related to money, then you do not see abundance in the economy“, – Regina taught. She herself clearly sees: immediately after the marathon, Todorenko bought another apartment in Moscow.

The TV presenter enthusiastically joined the ranks of the infomercials

The TV presenter enthusiastically joined the ranks of the infomercials

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Well: “Love, Do, Dream”

Number of participants: 4.9 thousand people.

Course cost: 5.5 thousand and 10.5 thousand rubles.

Total revenues: from 27 million to 51.5 million rubles.


Djigan’s wife worked hard on the content: her lectures were replaced by a cartoon about a girl Oksana, who came from the village to Moscow and achieved everything herself (and let the accusations of an escort remain on the conscience of spiteful critics). Samoilova revealed the “secret knowledge of successful people” and gave a list of good habits that foster a rich mindset: for example, read affirmations, take vitamins, take care of your body.

Dzhigan's wife worked on the content

Dzhigan’s wife worked on the content


Well: “Million Dollar Strategy”

Number of participants: 11 thousand people.

Course cost: 6 thousand, 12 thousand, 35 thousand and 300 thousand rubles (about 12 people on a VIP tariff)

Total revenues: from 70 million to 390 million rubles.


Life in Monaco will not pay for itself, so Vika has been earning money from her Russian-speaking audience for many years. The minimum income, according to her, is 50 thousand dollars a month (about 3 million rubles). But at the marathon of women goddesses, where Bonya taught breathe with your fingersgiving birth without anesthesia and forcing men to work, the social media star has raised much more.

Life in Monaco will not pay for itself, so Vika has been earning money from her Russian-speaking audience for many years

Life in Monaco will not pay for itself, so Vika has been earning money from her Russian-speaking audience for many years

A photo: Personal archive

Well: “Million Woman 2.0”

Number of participants: 3 thousand people.

Course cost: 9 thousand, 13 thousand, 80 thousand and 250 thousand rubles (about 10 people on a VIP tariff)

Total revenues: from 29.5 million to 242.5 million rubles.


Record breakers row billions

Elena Blinovskaya, a pioneer of online courses in or “the mother of infogypsies”, launched her “Marathon of Desires” in 2015: only 150 people came to the first stream. And since 2020, the annual audience of Blinovskaya, according to experts, is already 100 thousand people; annual income – approx. 330 million rubles.

But the record is still held by Fedor Belogai (the boyfriend of the “manufacturer” Rita Dakota): according to the blogger, 57 thousand people have registered for his course on drinking boiling water “for all diseases”. With a marathon price of 26 thousand rubles, this is 1 billion 482 million in income!


Why are star courses a complete “scam”?

Natalia Kundera, methodologist (specialist who develops educational products) and founder of the methodology agency “WES”:

– The main problem is that the celebrities at these marathons are often “talking heads”: the producers come up with everything for them. Usually stars are offered to become the face of the new course for 50% -70% of their income, the fork may be different. And you don’t need to do almost anything: most of the courses are written under the prompter – a person simply reads the text without even understanding what it is about.

The second reason why celebrity marathons are so badass is the buyers themselves. Producers determine the target audience, for example: a mother on maternity leave, lives on her husband’s allowance or salary, wants to do nothing and have everything. She needs a magic pill – okay, she’ll get it. This is the law of marketing: there is a need – so you need to close it. So a product promise appears from the lips of the star: “You will understand how to get everything in this world by simply changing yourself”, an aggressive promotion begins and the audience warms up so that as many people as possible buy the course.

The third problem is that methodologists who could streamline even the most scattered information are not involved in the work on marathons. Lessons are written by random people – the producers themselves or assistants. Why? Probably to save money.

Well, the fourth trouble: producers take information for lessons from open sources. After all, if a star who does not have solid expertise is given a text that is too complicated, she simply will not be able to read it convincingly. It would seem, why not call the expert himself, who will give people useful knowledge? And here we return to problem number 2. After all, if the audience bought the course of the blogger Hussein Gusanov, they want to look at Hussein Hasanov. If you replace him with another speaker, people will demand a refund. Here is such a vicious circle.

Naturally, this does not mean that there are no normal marathons: useful information products, including those from celebrities, do exist. There are just far fewer of them.

Is it possible to return the money?

Lawyers with whom “KP” has repeatedly consulted on the topic of infogypsy, unanimously assert: if the course did not meet your expectations, it is possible to return the money through the court. But in reality it turns out to be not so simple.

For example, Ravil bought a producing course from a 21-year-old blogger in a forbidden program. The price was not immediately negotiated, only with a personal phone call.

– Later I realized that the seller put pressure on me, manipulated, – the guy told Komsomolskaya Pravda. – For example, he demanded not to think, but to make a decision quickly. He used this trick: he thought of a number and asked me to guess it in 30 seconds. I tried to guess, but in fact, during this time it was just necessary to name all the options in turn. “You have to try everything!” he said.

As a result, Ravil bought the course on credit for 79,990 rubles. I watched only one lesson and the next day I decided to cancel participation and return the money. But to do it in two clicks, as a payment, did not work.

– The bank refused me, they say, more than a day has passed. Then I wrote to the blogger-seller, but he was adamant: “Our company policy is not to return the money,” the marathon buyer continues. – The official claim also did not bring results – they sent me some kind of reply. I had to go to court. I filed a lawsuit for 110 thousand rubles – this is money for unwatched lessons plus moral damage.

As a result, the seller and the buyer eventually agreed on an amicable agreement: five months later, Ravil was finally returned 52 thousand rubles.

– I had to agree to this amount, otherwise everything threatened to turn into a long and tedious trial. According to my calculations, on this story I lost about 26 thousand on payments to the bank, I spent time and nerves, – Ravil admitted. – It’s good that I had a familiar lawyer who advised for free. Otherwise, he would be left with nothing. Therefore, my advice to everyone: buy marathons with a cool head, only if you really need it, do not be fooled by marketing tricks. And even better – study the offer agreement with a lawyer in advance.


Online marathon (sometimes a course, a guide, a marathon of desires or success) are training courses consisting of several lessons (usually 20-30 lessons) in the form of pre-recorded video lectures or voice messages in instant messengers. As a rule, for an additional fee, the student receives a curator and homework assignments. Most marathons teach success, not any profession. It is understood that after completing the course, the student will feel a surge of strength and will be able to cope with all the problems.

infogypsies – Entrepreneurs on the Web who sell online learning products without any measurable KPI. They are not experts and do not teach specific skills, but talk about the importance of self-confidence, goal setting, etc. As a rule, their product is a mixture of motivational practices, psychological chips and esoteric fog. All this information has long been available for free.

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