You can’t play open football with Dynamo

The head coach of the Sturm players Christian Ilzer commented on his team’s victory over the gold medalist of the Austrian championship Salzburg (2:1) and touched upon the confrontation with Dynamo Kyiv in the 3rd round of the Champions League qualifier.

Team coach from Graz, in particular, notedthat open football will “only play into the hands” of Dynamo, Ukrinform reports.

“Such victories require special efforts both physically and tactically. But, of course, they give you the opportunity to breathe a wide chest before Wednesday’s match. You can’t play open football with Kyiv Dynamo – it only plays into the hands of their coach. We won’t make that mistake. We are in our best shape right now. In the match against Salzburg, we demonstrated a first-class collective game in defense, were aggressive and kept calm when in possession of the ball,” said the coach.

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The first match between Dynamo and Sturm will take place next Wednesday, August 3, in the Polish city of Lodz.


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