you can quickly fly south through the “closed sky”

Russian tourists and air passengers could fly to the south of our country (including Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory), despite the “closed skies” regime introduced due to the threat of destruction of airliners from Ukraine.

This was reported to Pravda.Ru by a well-known political scientist, citing his high-ranking sources among the aviation authorities and security forces. Andrey Gusiy.

In particular, he spoke about the information he had about the “Sochi corridor” – an option that would allow the opening of the Krasnodar Pashkovsky airport with the arrival of airliners on the Maykop – Sochi route.

In this case, the planes will fly from Moscow to Krasnodar for 4-5 hours, but this reduces the travel time to the cities of the Krasnodar Territory and resorts of Crimea (For example, it has already been reported that now tourists fly to the open Sochi, after which they need at least 10-12 hours to travel to the cities of the peninsula).

“Aerodynamics, referring to information from air carriers, assures that the companies are ready to resume regular flights on domestic and international routes from Krasnodar within a week,” the expert added.

“Yes, airlines, their security services and, according to my information, the military and law enforcement agencies of southern Russia have calculated all the issues of security, fuel consumption and other subtleties. As a result, you can fly to Krasnodar outside of dangerous zones, and it’s better for airlines and tourists to fly for a long time than not to fly at all,” he explained to Pravda.Ru.

“The decision, as far as I know, should be taken by the federal law enforcement agencies – an open appeal from the airlines, and the route calculation has already been transferred“ to the top, ”the political observer explained.

We add that the extension of the “temporary ban on flights” has been carried out by the aviation authorities for more than a dozen times.

At the same time, high-ranking sources frankly told Pravda.Ru that extensions of the “closing of the sky” will continue until all the border regions of Ukraine (a country that is “experienced” in shooting down civilian airliners) are “cleared” from air defense.

“The FSB and SAB are working against ‘ordinary’ terrorists at airports, other means and special services are working against saboteurs with MANPADS, there are layered air defense systems, but you still need to fly before landing,” the military expert explained.

Apparently, now the option “to safely fly to the Krasnodar Territory” has appeared. The decision is up to the leadership of the aviation and military departments.

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