You are not our bosses: Hungarian prime minister rebuffed the European Parliament

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

A photo: REUTERS

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed his disagreement with the proposal of the MEPs to abandon the unanimous approval of decisions in the field of security and foreign policy. AT

The European Parliament proposed to change the current rules, limited to a majority vote, since a number of EU countries frankly do not want to aggravate the crisis in favor of the sanctions policy of the alliance’s leadership.

Orban stressed that Hungary is not going to blindly obey the decisions of the EU and intends to take part in the discussion and adoption of important decisions.

– Brussels is not the boss of Budapest. We are an independent sovereign nation. We participate in joint decisions. And if they are not suitable for us, we talk about it… And if we can prevent them, then a joint solution will not appear… I do not want to argue with other Europeans, but add our views to the pan-European solution, the politician wrote in social networks.

Orban is a very uncomfortable politician for Brussels, as he not only has his own opinion on key issues, but also does not hesitate to express it. At the same time, his actions as head of government are justified by the interests of the Hungarians, and not by the country as a member of the European Union, which Hungary joined in 2004 following the results of a national referendum held a year earlier.

Just the day before, Orban said that the West’s strategy towards Russia had failed, and the European Union should stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. In addition, the Hungarian prime minister openly accused the EU of weakness and inability to comply with the agreements, saying that in 2014 the United States should have been involved in the Minsk agreements, which might have achieved their implementation.

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