you are criminals and serial killers

Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN Valentin Rybakov named the authors sanctions criminals and serial killers.

“You will go down in history, not as politicians, but as criminals and serial killers”

“You are depriving people of their fundamental right – the right to life. And after that you have the audacity to teach us how we should respect human rights in your understanding,” the Belarusian diplomat said, addressing the drafters of the sanctions and the governments of the countries that joined them.

According to him, the moment will come when they will be “simply swept away” either by their own citizens or by millions of migrants who will come to “prosperous” countries from those that are “destroying today.”

“These people (migrants) come to you not for mythical human rights, but for a piece of bread to feed their families, their children. And you, I think, will go down in history not as politicians, but as criminals and serial killers.”

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