Yevgeny Mironov for the first time revealed the terrible truth about the experience

Evgeny Mironov.

Evgeny Mironov.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Evgeny Mironov never talks about his personal life. For several years now he has kept the name of his mother a secret. the only son of Petya. Only in September 2020, the actor officially introduced the child to the public for the first time. And the other day he revealed the truth about the drama he experienced.

Evgeny Mironov now not only a successful actor, but also a fairly wealthy person. But there was a time when his family was in dire need of money. Evgeny was born in Saratov in the family of a driver and a worker in a plant for the production of Christmas tree decorations. The future actor spent his childhood in the military town of Tatishchevo-5. After birth, he was diagnosed with bone tuberculosis. Six-year-old Zhenya moved on crutches. Doctors did not make any predictions about whether he would be able to walk in the future or become disabled. After treatment in a sanatorium, Mironov recovered.

In the 90s, the family of the future actor faced poverty. Evgeny Vitalievich with his sister and mother huddled in a tiny dorm room. Tamara Petrovna collected bottles.

“I was so passionate about my work that I slipped through the 90s, they didn’t touch me. I already graduated from the institute. I say with enthusiasm that I didn’t see hunger, but my mother collected bottles in Moscow in the garbage in order to hand them over and buy some products. We didn’t have money. Really,” he admitted. Fyodor Bondarchuk.

According to Mironov, he was fed Oleg Tabakov. “He agreed, and they sent us parcels with pasta and canned food from a friendly theater in Germany. That is, we went through all this,” recalled the 55-year-old Mironov in the program “Cinema in Detail” on STS.

He spent the first money he earned on buying an apartment. But not to yourself. “Then I was already filming, making money. There were prizes. After the film “Love”, I took part in the “Kinotavr”, in Geneva I received the main prize. Then I bought an apartment for my sister in Moscow. She is a girl,” said Mironov.

Family comes first for him. “For me, this is absolutely natural. Our head is still my mother. She is an elder. She gathers all of us under her wing for all holidays. But, of course, I am responsible for the family, this applies not only to Moscow, but also to Saratov. Of course, I’m in the family like an ambulance, and that’s normal, because I have the opportunity,” the actor reasoned.

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