Year-end bonus for domestic workers: how to calculate the payment and until when there is time to do it

  In Japan it is customary to undertake a deep cleaning to receive the New Year Rawpixel/Unsplash
In Japan it is customary to undertake a deep cleaning to receive the New Year Rawpixel/Unsplash

Through a decree, the Government established the payment of a $24,000 bonus during the month of December for registered workers. In the case of people from private homes, it was established that employers must pay this year-end bonus before December 31.

The bonus is paid in full to domestic employees who work 32 to 48 hours a week and to staff without retirement. In the case of employees who work fewer hours per week, the payment of the bonus must be calculated proportionally.

As reported by the Ministry of Labor, the calculation can be made by applying a simple rule of three and taking the 192 hours of monthly agreement. $24,000 is divided by 192 and then the result is multiplied by the number of hours worked during the month. In this way, the proportional amount to be paid is obtained.

However, from the Union of Auxiliary Personnel of Private Houses -which represents workers in the sector- they provided some details to take into account for payment:

– Your payment is for a single time

– Must be paid by employers before December 31, 2022

– The amount to be paid will be proportional to the length of work time provided

– Applies to all types of work and all categories

– Personnel without retirement collect the bonus of $24,000

– The Christmas bonus is independent of the payment of the bonus

– It does not generate extra payments of contributions, contributions or ART

– The percentage for seniority is not applied to the bonus

– It is the same amount for the whole country

According to the calculations made by the union, since there has not yet been a resolution from AFIP or the Ministry of Labor, a worker who performs tasks for 21 hours a week, for example, must receive a proportional bonus of $10,500. In the case of 12 hours, meanwhile, it will be $6,000.

Since the decree does not indicate a number of hours, the union clarified that their calculations were made based on Law 26,844, which indicates that the maximum hours are up to 48 hours per week.


On the other hand, through decree 841/2022, it was established that for employers of the “Employment Contract Regime for Private House Personnel”, the amount paid as the bonus (or non-remunerative allowance) is deductible from Tax to earnings.

“Those employers or employers of the “Employment Contract Regime for Private House Personnel” who have paid the amount corresponding to the non-remunerative allowance provided for in this decree and who are not covered by the possibility of deduction provided for in the previous paragraph , may request a refund of up to 50% of the amount paid for this concept, in accordance with the conditions and modalities established by the Enforcement Authority, who must verify compliance with the presentation requirements, ”the official text specified.

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