Yaroslav Boyko divorces his wife

Yaroslav Boyko

Yaroslav Boyko

Yaroslav Boyko divorces his wife after 23 years of marriage, according to the city news agency “Moscow”. What exactly caused the breakup is still unknown. There have been no rumors about the actor’s new novels in recent years. However, the artist has long been suspected of having a relationship with Maria Poroshina. In addition, the ex-wife of Mikhail Efremov, actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, gave birth to an illegitimate son from Boyko.

Yaroslav Boyko For 23 years he lived with the dancer Ramune Khodorkaite. The news about the divorce of the spouses became a bolt from the blue. A lawsuit for divorce has been filed with one of the Moscow courts, the agency reports.

The couple have two children. In 1999, the son Maxim was born, and in 2003 the daughter Emilia was born.

Family relationships have been difficult for many years. The wife turned a blind eye to the love affairs of Yaroslav. In 2001, on the set of the series “Suspicion”, Boyko had a stormy romance with Yevgeny Dobrovolskaya. The actress gave birth to his son Jan.

Then Dobrovolskaya admitted: “I sincerely hoped that Yaroslav would part with his wife and everything would be fine with us.”

In 2003, the film “Always Say Always” was released, where Maria Poroshina and Yaroslav Boyko played husband and wife. They showed such love that everyone takes their breath away. Since then, fans have not gotten tired of talking about the romance of the stars. It was suspected that even her long-awaited son Poroshina gave birth to Boyko.

However, the artists themselves claim that they have an exceptionally strong friendship. And recently, they also play in a new theatrical production. “With Yaroslav Boyko, we released the lyrical comedy Snow Waltz. Slava and I had the play Unfinished Romance, with which we traveled all over Russia. And now, a new story about the love of two lonely people,” Poroshina said.

As for Yaroslav, he denied rumors of an affair with Maria. The actor assured that he did not have a love relationship with the actress.

“Once Masha went to the market, and then the third season of the series was being broadcast. I cheated on the heroine Poroshina in it. And now Masha comes to the counter, and the saleswoman says to her: “You are a fool! He cheated on you in front of the whole country. Get out of here, I won’t sell you anything.” Then, after some time, we were filming new episodes already in St. Petersburg. We walked with Masha around the market while the lights were being prepared on the site. And then I hear people whispering between the counters, saying: “Well, finally they are together.” It was so strange, “the artist shared his memories.

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