Writer Andrey Vajra: “Ukraine is no more. Only military cemeteries to the horizon and trains of weapons coming from the West”

Writer Andrey Vajra

Writer Andrey Vajra

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About this analyst, writer and editor-in-chief of the site “Alternative” Andrew Vajra told a famous publicist Sergei Mardan on the air radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”


Sergey Mardan:

– Retired American General Jack Keane said on Fox News: why are you whining about the fact that we are spending money on Ukraine? For 66 billion dollars, we got Ukraine at war with Russia, which is now killing Russians, destroying the Russian army. From the point of view of the US budget, this is mere pennies.

Does Ukrainian society realize this?

Andrew Vajra:

– Doesn’t realize. The vast majority of ordinary citizens of Ukraine do not realize. Recent events have cleaned out the population there, which is capable of critical, independent thinking. There are only a few of them left, they are silent. They are scared. And it won’t change now.

As for the rest of the citizens, the situation is twofold. What helps the regime in Ukraine to stay afloat? The economy, its production is no longer there. Over the past six months, everything that still remained has gone into oblivion. Ukraine is a financial bankrupt. Despite the euphoria that is now accelerating in Kyiv, the Ukrainian army of the model of February this year no longer exists. She is destroyed. What we see now was built by the Anglo-Saxons during the summer, on their knees, in a hurry.

If Ukraine is now cut off from Western aid, it will instantly collapse – and the economy, and finances, and the army. Money, shells, armored vehicles, mercenaries, military specialists – everything is provided by the West.

Moreover, I am sure that most of the mercenaries are military personnel of NATO countries who were sent to Ukraine.

This is all terrifying. But Ukrainian society is immersed in a state of anesthesia. 24/7 brainwashing has shut them off from reality, they can’t see it. And because they have no pain shock.

My friend from Western Ukraine told me that the fields there, where flowers and grass bloomed in summer, are now covered with military cemeteries. Graves with Ukrainian flags going beyond the horizon. She doesn’t jump to conclusions. Nobody makes them there anymore. Do not give.

A friend recently ended up in a hospital in Kyiv. There is a huge load of medical staff. But he was struck by the fact that the entire civilian hospital was completely packed with wounded soldiers. They lie in the wards, in the corridors. And so throughout Kyiv. Everything is full of wounded. Imagine the price Ukraine pays for US interests. But people still don’t understand what’s going on.



– Ordinary people do not understand what is happening anywhere. But there are elites. Do they understand that Ukraine should try to jump out of this corridor?


– You talk like a Ukrainian patriot. And who told you that there are patriots in power there? Ukraine is only 30 years old. Ukrainian citizens, when they are asked to remember how many presidents and Verkhovna Radas they had and how many of them they respected, they cannot name a single one. For 30 years – not a single such official, politician.

The current Ukrainian elite is “Ukrainian” in quotation marks. For all 30 years, the Americans there have been investing in the education of puppets from people. And they created a comprador class. In 2014, they brought him to power. These people are not representatives of the Ukrainian people. They represent US interests.

There is a series in which aliens descend to Earth in the form of larvae and penetrate people into the brain. Capture the mind of a person and control his body. Now this story is embodied in Ukraine. The people are a huge body, the brain of which is alien. A giant goal that is controlled from the outside. And his only task is to ram Russia. And life is at stake.



– Doesn’t it seem that the military hatred between us is already pervasive?


– If we compare our hatred for the enemy and the hatred that is from the Ukrainian side, these are different things. We do not have this going off scale to absolutely inhuman things. We clearly understand that we have an enemy in front of us, the enemy must be defeated. They also hate us as beings that are not even human. They call us orcs. And this is not the result of the current military Ukrainian propaganda. This vision of the citizens of Russia is built into the matrix of Ukrainian nationalism. And this was done even before the first Galicians recognized themselves as Ukrainians, back in the century before last they began to instill this hatred in them. Although most of them have never seen Russians in the eyes. It’s just that now this Galician hatred has been imposed on the entire territory that they have taken under their control. It cannot be substantiated by facts, logic. But the whole concept of Ukrainianism rests on this.

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