World Cup Qatar 2022: Nicolás Gallo will be in the arbitration shortlist of the semifinal match between France vs. Morocco

Nicolás Gallo has been present in 13 matches of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Nicolás Gallo has been present in 13 matches of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The FIFA reported who will be the referees in charge of delivering justice during the second semifinal of the World Cup Qatar 2022. The Colombian judge will fulfill the functions of the AVARalong with the Canadian Drew Fischer What VARthe brazilian Neuza Back What Offside VAR and the american Armando Villarreal as Supporter VAR. On the field of play will be the Mexican César Ramos together with his compatriots Alberto Morin, Miguel Hernandezas assistants and the Venezuelan Jesus Valenzuela as fourth official.

nicholas gallo has been present in 13 encounters so far: five like VARseven as AVAR and one like Support VAR. His most recent performance was in the quarterfinal duel between England vs. France. There he had a couple of important challenges that changed the process of the meeting, but that ended up being the right decision.

When the game clock marked the minute 80 of playthe Brazilian central defender of the match, Wilton Pereira Sampaioresorted to the repetitions of the arbitration video assistance to determine a play of potential penalty in favor of the eleventh British.

At the time of resorting to technology on Qatari soil, the controversial Colombian referee to review, from different angles, each shot and repeat them in what was a push, with no intention of playing the ball from the left side Theo Hernandez on the striker Mason Mount. The review lasted just under a minute and resulted in a maximum penalty in favor of the Three lions directed by the technician Gareth Southgate.

Likewise, in the second half, Harry Kane claimed for an offense on the edge of the area, which was not penalized by the Brazilian. Although the English coaching staff and their players demanded the revision of the VARthis foul was outside the area, so the video arbitration He could not intercede as a penalty was not awarded.

nicholas gallo was one of the protagonists in the controversial victory of Belgium on Canada on the first date of Group F. The referee Janny Sikazw was called by the referees of the VAR to notify you of a possible criminal Axel Witsell against richie laryea. Finally, the maximum sentence was not sanctioned. The other play discussed was a new stomp in the area that would have meant a penalty for Canada and with it a new possibility to tie the score, however, neither the central judge nor the VAR they realized

20 referees, 39 assistants and 19 VAR will remain in Qatar starting from the quarterfinals; 16 referees, 30 assistants and five VAR were cut. These arbitration professionals will continue in the country of the Middle East until the final, which will be played on December 18 at the lusail stadium. Among the multiple nationalities and styles, Latin Americans stand out as Cesar Ramos from Mexico, ivan barton From El Salvador, Fernando Rapallini and Facundo Telloboth from Argentina, Wilton Sampaio and Raphael Claus from Brazil Y Jesus Valenzuela from Venezuela. All of them as central judges.

VAR was first implemented in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 and four years later, a 24-member video refereeing team is in Qatar, offering your colleagues in the field the technological support they need. Given that at that time there were few member federations of the FIFA that used the VAR, in the World Cup in Russia were mainly chosen from Europe and South America. At present, video refereeing is used in all the major world competitions and in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 there will also be Asia, Africa, Central America and North America.

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