Work if there is: know the vacancies available to start 2023

The South Subred is in search of human talent to carry out activities in the health sector.  REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez
The South Subred is in search of human talent to carry out activities in the health sector. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Bavaria announced that it will have talent programs for the hiring of more than 80 Colombian professionals during the first half of 2023, which will be added to the vacancies available to the company for its regular selection processes, which has nearly 4,000 employees.

Among the profiles to be selected, the company highlighted that they are in search of human talent that can work in different areas of the organization such as Marketing, Logistics, Sales, Sustainability, among others.

Bavaria pointed out that the 85 vacancies announced are part of the company’s specialized talent programs, for which they are looking for suitable personnel who can meet the expectations and tasks of the requested positions.

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For her part, Eliana Voldman, Bavaria’s Vice President of Talent, commented that as part of their business well-being objectives, in 2023 they will seek to add the best Colombian talent to develop their skills within the company.

“We want passionate people with all the desire to continue connecting with Colombia, so that they join our team and thus we continue to generate more reasons to offer the country,” added Voldman.

Those interested should take into account the opening dates of each talent program and enter the following link to carry out the step-by-step registration for this job opportunity:

The company explained that for the first four months of 2023 it will have initiatives dedicated to the selection and recruitment of new candidates, for the various organizational areas of the operation.

  • University apprentices: the Bavaria internship program seeks to recruit under an apprenticeship contract professionals in training for the areas of Sales, Finance, Talent, Communications, Digital, Production, Taxes, Marketing and Logistics, who may perform the role between 6 months and a year.

During this time they will have financial assistance from the company. The recruitment phase will begin between February and March and students from all universities in the country will be able to apply.

  • Logistics Talents: Through this program, Bavaria seeks to select future leaders in the logistics area, who in the short and medium term can assume strategic leadership positions in said segment, having an immersive experience in its operations from transportation and storage. Bilingual people with between 0 and 3 years of work experience may apply to this call. The recruitment phase will begin in April.
  • Commercial Talents: with this call, Bavaria intends to find and develop leaders in the commercial area who in the short and medium term can assume strategic leadership positions in the area in charge of connecting Bavaria with its consumers in every corner of the country.

The company explained that the requested profile is for bilingual people, with no experience or up to 3 years of work experience, who are passionate about sales so that they can fulfill their commercial operation in depth, in the role of sales supervisors. The recruitment phase will begin in April.

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  • Global Management Trainee : This is a training program to train young professionals with potential for growth and leadership who can assume strategic positions in the short and medium term.

Bavaria pointed out that for this program they are looking for professionals from any area, bilingual (English and Spanish) with up to two years of graduating and work experience. The recruitment phase will start between April and May.

From its Twitter account, the South Subnet reported on job offers to meet the demand for activities in the health sector. The requested profiles, for those interested who meet the indicated requirements, are:

  • respiratory therapist.
  • Bacteriologist.
  • Pharmaceutical chemist.
  • Nursing professionals.
  • Pharmacy assistant.
  • Laboratory assistant.
  • Radiology technologist.
  • Specials in radiology.
  • Personnel with heights course and experience in locative arrangements.
  • General Physicians for the services of: Outpatient consultation, Emergencies and Hospitalization.

Finally, professionals who meet the required profile may participate by sending the resume to the following email: [email protected].

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