“Won’t stand aside”: the person involved in the high-profile case of a clash with the National Guard at a rally, actor Pavel Ustinov, is mobilized and will go to the NVO zone

Pavel Ustinov

Pavel Ustinov

A photo: social networks

In September 2019, only the lazy did not talk about this case. The whole country watched the controversial video, where a sporty-looking guy collapses to the ground along with a riot policeman near the Pushkinskaya metro station in Moscow during rallies. Either grabbing the security officer by the hand, or trying to free himself from the grip. Then the high-profile case ended with the action “I / We are Pavel Ustinov”, a sentence of 3.5 years in prison, and then an appeal by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation against a too harsh verdict – and the defendant, actor Pavel Ustinov, eventually received 1 year of probation.

The liberal brethren raised the image of Ustinov to the banners – they say, look what kind of lawlessness is going on, they tied our guy. Police State! What was the surprise of the progressive public when it turned out that:

a) Pavel himself served in the National Guard

b) Pavel happened to be at the rally by accident and does not support the protest agenda imposed on him

c) Pavel got a job in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, who promotes a pronounced conservative, patriotic and traditionalist agenda under the leadership of Eduard Boyakov

d) Pavel did not flee the country during the mobilization, and after receiving the summons, he dutifully appeared at the military registration and enlistment office

A photo: social networks

Former artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, and now the head of the New Theater, where Pavel Ustinov serves, Eduard Boyakov said on social networks that the artist was mobilized and “goes through standard infantry exercises – from tactical movements to grenade throwing.” The director also wrote that they are proud of their colleague in the theater and are praying for him.

He worked as a head of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky Zakhar Prilepin also supported the bold act of the actor.

– Liberals then [после уголовного дела в отношении актера] but they raised a howl and a guy – tyranny destroys an actor who desires freedom, – the writer wrote in VK. – We climbed into the social network to Ustinov – and he turned out to be an absolute quilted jacket. In the course of the proceedings, it was found out that he was not at the rally, but was walking by. Dropped an employee “on the machine.” Justified, in short.

Not more than a week was the hero of the liberal media. Now to the front. Good luck Pavel.

Ustinov himself simply explained that he had no other choice.

“If the war comes to our house, it will be too late,” the theater relayed Ustinov’s words. “Behind us are families, wives, parents, children who can be in great danger if they do nothing. Moreover, I would not have forgiven myself if I had stood aside when my brother was called. We are citizens of our country, which, like other countries, has its own problems. The integrity of the territories must be preserved, and if the country needed additional forces for this, then there can be no other way out.

“KP” contacted the artist’s family to find out if he was sent to the NWO zone and how Pavel’s courageous decision was made at home. But the actor’s phone number was answered by his wife, Ekaterina Balueva.

“Pavel has been at the exercises for several weeks now, they are being trained there,” the wife explained. – Of course, they do not come home from there – from there they immediately go to the NWO zone. Where exactly he will be sent, we do not yet know. And this is a military secret.

– When the summons came, what was the reaction? Have you thought about armor?

No, we didn’t even discuss it. Of course, he did not immediately get ready and go to the draft board, he had time to prepare, to say goodbye to his relatives. Pavel received a summons, he served, what other options were there? We all experience, of course, believe and wait for it.

The sister of the actor Julia explained to KP that Pavel left after his brother.

– Pasha received a summons for signature on October 12, and his older brother on October 4 – yesterday his brother went to the NVO zone, he is a shooter, – said Yulia Ustinova. – Everyone in the family reacted normally to this: if one went, then the second one would not stand aside. Although my brother, for example, his wife is pregnant. We are waiting for our heroes. The main thing is to return alive as soon as possible.

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