Woman arrested for leaving her dog on her balcony

In the United States, a local resident Sedro-Vulli was arrested. She is charged with first-degree animal cruelty. The woman was preparing for her son’s birthday. So that a 5-year-old dog named Enzo does not get in the way, she locked her on the balcony, despite the forecasters’ warnings about the heat. In the pre-holiday bustle, the American soon forgot about her pet.

Neighbors called the animal control police and reported the plight of the dog, which had convulsions and foamed at the mouth. The arrived officers hospitalized the animal, but could not help him. The emergency room took Enzo’s temperature and was horrified. The temperature was at least 107 degrees Fahrenheit (nearly 42 degrees Celsius), the highest temperature a veterinary thermometer could read, according to court documents. USnews.

Officers inspected the scene. It turned out that the dog’s water bowl had been empty for a long time. Using an infrared thermal imaging camera, they also measured the temperature on the floor of the balcony – it was 55 degrees Celsius. Now all this data will be the main evidence of the prosecution in court.


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