With the help of cyberattacks, the Russian Federation wants to create a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine

Since the beginning of 2022, Russian hackers have attacked Ukrainian resources with at least several types of malware.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

“The Russian Federation is an aggressor country committing unjustified aggression against Ukraine not only on our soil, but also in cyberspace,” the message says.

The State Service for Special Communications emphasized that Russian hackers have been waging war against Ukraine in cyberspace for the past eight years, their activity is constantly growing.

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So, today cyber attacks are a full-fledged component of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Since the beginning of the year, Russian military hackers have been particularly active in attacking Ukrainian information systems.

The goal of enemy cyberattacks is to damage and destroy Ukrainian information systems, destroy data, prevent Ukrainian citizens from accessing public services, as well as destabilize the situation in the country and sow panic and distrust in the authorities among the population.

Since the beginning of the year, Russia has launched at least several malware families in Ukraine, according to the State Service for Special Communications. In particular, we are talking about WhisperGate/WhisperKill, CaddyWiper, Hermetic Wiper, Industroyer2, DoubleZero and others.

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Also, with the help of cyberattacks, Russia wants to create a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, because hackers are trying to interfere with the work of the energy sector, emergency services, communications, and logistics.

“Russian hackers are a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the whole world. Ukrainian information resources are an important target for the Russian military. The cyberattack methods tested on Ukrainian resources are subsequently used in other democratic countries of the world,” the State Special Communications Service stressed.

It is noted that cyber attacks that harm Ukrainian resources can affect the operation of information systems in other countries, because there are no borders in cyberspace.

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For example, the attack on the Viasat satellite network on the eve of the February 24 invasion, which was aimed at preventing communications for users from Ukraine, affected several member states of the European Union.

According to the State Service for Special Communications, information systems of countries and institutions that help Ukraine and Ukrainians during the war are exposed to cyberattacks.

In addition to military hackers, politically motivated activists directed by the Russian authorities are involved in attacks against Ukraine and other democratic countries.

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The State Service for Special Communications assured that Ukraine will use all available resources to protect it. The best domestic and world experts have joined the cyber defense of Ukrainian information systems.

“The governments and commercial companies of most democratic countries of the world are helping us. We are grateful to everyone and highly appreciate this help. Thanks to this, today we are strong and can survive. However, this is not enough, because the aggressor will not stop just like that,” the service noted.

Thus, all countries must join forces to stop the aggressor, deprive him of the opportunity to attack and make him answer for his actions.

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It is noted that only sanctions, coordinated work, awareness of government agencies, businesses and citizens will help achieve this goal and peace in cyberspace.

As Ukrinform reported, cybercriminals are massively sending out new letters with a virus that steals data, scaring people with a chemical attack.

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