Winners of children’s competitions met at Rosa Khutor

The winners and prize-winners of several children’s competitions that took place in our country at once visited the mountains of Sochi, at Rosa Khutor.

Groups of children came to the resort and became finalists of competitions

  • “Russia is my motherland!”,
  • “Times connecting thread”,
  • “The history of my Cossacks”
  • and the “Big Walk” project.

All of them were organized jointly with the Synodal Department of Religious Education and Catechism of the Russian Orthodox Church.

– All our competitions were aimed at ensuring that their participants, children aged 13 and over, could get to know their hometowns, regions, and our country better. In total, more than 5,000 applications from different regions of Russia were submitted for participation. Thus, the creative projects “The History of My Cossacks” and “Russia – My Homeland” were intended for children who are fond of drawing. Their participants were able not only to show their abilities, but also to get to know the history of the country better,” said Head of the Sector of Events and Competitions of the Synodal Department of Religious Education and Catechization of the Russian Orthodox Church Hieromonk Trifon (Umalatov).

According to the results of creative competitions, their winners, and these are about 50 young artists and their mentors, arrived at the Rosa Khutor resort. Here, a special plein air and master classes in multi-layered watercolors were organized for them. Under the guidance of experienced mentors from the Sergey Andriyaka Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts, the children mastered various techniques and learned how to paint mountain landscapes.

“The Rosa Khutor resort has been supporting our educational projects for children for several years, and a trip to the mountains has become a good tradition for the winners and prize-winners of the competitions. For children from different regions, this is an opportunity not only to ride ski lifts, to see the beauty of nature, but also to understand how vast and diverse our country is,” said Hieromonk Tryphon.

This year, the art competitions were supplemented by more projects of an excursion orientation – “Times connecting thread” and “Big walk”. As part of these events, the children were offered to feel like real guides and develop routes around their native places. Thus, they were able to learn about the cultural heritage, museums, architectural and historical places of their small homeland. The creators of the best projects will also be invited to the Rosa Khutor resort to defend their ideas. Here they will have special master classes in oratory, critical thinking technology, social design and information support of the project.

— The purpose of our competitions for children is to form a respectful attitude to the study of cultural, historical and geographical features of the regions of the Russian Federation using modern media tools. During a visit to the Rosa Khutor resort, the finalists of the competitions will visit the unique ethnographic complex “My Russia”, where pavilions representing 11 regions of our country are gathered on the same territory, – shared the head of the sector of events and competitions of the Synodal Department of Religious Education and Catechism of the Russian Orthodox Church, Hieromonk Trifon ( Umalatov).

The trip of the winners of children’s competitions to the Rosa Khutor resort will continue until October 20. All projects were implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, and the Orthodox Initiative grant fund.

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