Will the Ukrainians dare to counterattack in Soledar?

Now there is information that Kyiv is pulling reserves to the city

Now there is information that Kyiv is pulling reserves to the city

A photo: REUTERS

In Soledar, there are still pockets of resistance from Ukrainian army fighters who have not yet realized that they have fallen into the cauldron. Here is an interview with one of them on CNN:

“We are holding on. Although almost independently. No commanders. It is not clear who our neighbors are, but someone is there and is fighting. We have no connection with them.”

There is a loss of control when units do not know that they are already surrounded. And maybe they are at war with each other. According to unverified information, part of the Soledar garrison may be hiding in salt mines underground.

Information is now coming in that Kyiv is drawing up reserves to the city. But not for the sake of “prisoners of the dungeon.” Zelensky and his associates become hostages of symbols over and over again.

So it was in Ilovaisk, Donetsk airport, at Azovstal. From the doomed centers of defense, Ukrainian propaganda draws an image of the invincibility and resilience of its army. Instead of withdrawing the units from under attack, as it was smart enough to do in Lisichansk.

At the same time, in Kyiv, of course, they are not fools. And they understand that by throwing reserves into battle, they run the risk of getting a Russian offensive in weakened directions. Let’s see what wins: Zelensky’s PR or Zaluzhny’s military thought. Their rivalry is already palpable.

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