Wildfire evacuation under way in western Canada

A forest fire is raging in the province of British Columbia in western Canada, the authorities announced the evacuation of local residents.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by CBC News.

A fire near the town of Penticton covered 22 square meters. km. During the day, its area expanded five times. Residents of 324 houses received an evacuation order, and residents of another 438 were ordered to prepare for a possible immediate departure.

It is noted that firefighters are trying to bring the fire under control with the help of aircraft.

The publication adds that another forest is raging in British Columbia fire, with an area of ​​31 hectares near the town of Liton. However, due to weather conditions and the actions of firefighters, the area of ​​fire did not practically increase during the day.

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As specified, the causes of both fires have not yet been established.

Recallat least two people died as a result of one of the largest fires in the US state of California.


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