Why Zelensky is still alive is completely incomprehensible – Satanovsky

The President of Ukraine called on NATO to launch a preventive nuclear strike on Russia. Satanovsky does not understand why Zelensky is still alive after such statements.

The political scientist is convinced that Vladimir Zelensky Ready to destroy anything it can get its hands on.

“Why is he still alive with such statements, the genocide of his own population, plans to bring a dirty nuclear bomb to Moscow and public publication of instructions for its manufacture? Completely incomprehensible,” wrote Evgeny Satanovsky in your Telegram channel.

The expert is sure that Western countries assigned the Ukrainian president the role of a “petty brat” in order to provoke the Russian authorities into an act of aggression, followed by a consolidated response from the North Atlantic Alliance.

“Something long ago, well forgotten from personal experience gained in youth, suggests that only those who are greatly feared are not beaten,” the political scientist recalled.

Therefore, the main thing is to have time to strike a powerful blow first, and then the West will prefer to sit down at the negotiating table, rather than measure force with Russia.

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