Why Ukraine’s provocation with a “dirty bomb” is so dangerous: military expert explains

On Wednesday, it became known that the Kyiv regime had completed the technical preparations for the dirty bomb provocation.

On Wednesday, it became known that the Kyiv regime had completed the technical preparations for the dirty bomb provocation.

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On Wednesday, it became known that the Kyiv regime had completed the technical preparations for the dirty bomb provocation. At the Ukrainian enterprise Yuzhmash, a dummy of the Iskander complex missile was prepared. It was planned to be stuffed with radioactive material. Well, and then “shoot down the Chernobyl nuclear power plant over the exclusion zone” – allegedly by Ukrainian air defense forces. Then declare “the launch of a nuclear charge by the Russian armed forces.”

Source RIA News stated that the dummy of the Iskander missile was made on the basis of the projectile of the Tochka-U missile system: “After the dummy is “knocked down”, the Kyiv authorities intend to show the Western and Ukrainian media fragments of the layout and electronic elements of the alleged Iskander missile in order to convince the Western public of Russia’s guilt.”

KP.RU asked a military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin, for a comment.

– Is it so easy to make a dummy missile of the Iskander complex based on the Tochka U projectile?

– Specialists, of course, would have seen the difference even after it was blown up. After all, Tochka U is tactical, and Iskander is operational tactical systems. But unless someone was going to involve experts? It says “luminum” – it means “luminum”. Looks like “Point U” on “Iskander” – so similar. The fact that the sizes, characteristics are different – who cares?

– But why?

– To say that Russia used tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

– In general, “Iskanders” are intended for what?

– To suppress the air defense and missile defense of the enemy. Even to strike at the headquarters of the enemy. By communication nodes. By tank formations.

– After all, this is an expensive rocket, there are not so many of them – and they just don’t scatter them like that?

– We have 18 Iskander brigades, each with several divisions, each of them is armed with more than a dozen installations. So that’s quite enough.

– Do Westerners consider the Iskander the most dangerous weapon in Russia?

– The Iskander has quasi-ballistic missiles that fly along a ballistic curve with changing tracks. They are almost impossible to knock down. And there are cruise missiles. Which are also extremely difficult to knock down.

– The Ukrainians probably know this – then why are they trying to imitate the Iskander?

– To fool the brains of the Western media and, accordingly, the public and politicians of the West. Of course, no one will go into the subtleties – how exactly “Point U” differs from the “Iskander” and what kind of nuclear reserve such a missile could carry.

– If a real Iskander rocket hit the Chernobyl sarcophagus, what would happen?

– If one hit – nothing terrible happened. She would not have broken through the current sarcophagus over the fourth block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. But none of the reasonable people would even think of using the Iskander in the area of ​​a nuclear facility. From our side – reasonable people. Those who understand that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is the contamination of not only its territory, but also the territory of Russia and Belarus. Not to mention Poland. And the use of nuclear weapons by us in the NMD zone will not give any effect for the sake of which it would be worth doing.

– And the Iskanders, in fact, were intended to carry nuclear warheads?

– Such possibility is provided.

– Could such a warhead be installed on the Ukrainian Yuzhmash?

– In general, Yuzhmash does not make warheads. They make rockets. But for their engineers, stuffing spent solid nuclear fuel brought from one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants into a rocket they made is not a big problem. And then you don’t even need to demonstrate a downed rocket. They simply transferred such a rocket to Chernobyl, blew it up – the radioactive dust scattered. They declared that it was the Russians who were shooting, they brought television cameras, they showed it, they trumpeted it to the whole world – that’s all!

– So quite the same clumsy work?

– Of course, clumsy work. But so be it. Reality doesn’t matter. Western politicians will explain everything about the “guilt of Russia” in the “nuclear strike on Ukraine.” No one will study the remnants of the model, compare it with the original.

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