Why true love only happens once in a lifetime

What should be the ideal woman for every man; why there can be only one true love in life, and everything else is just falling in love, and also about what the “rule of three Y” is and how it helps in family life, Pravda.Ru told songwriter, composer, singer Yuri Loza.

– Yuri, what do men include in the concept of “beloved woman”?

– No wonder they say that the ideal woman should be one in four faces:

  • cook,
  • mistress,
  • friend,
  • wife.

The concept of “love” is different from the concept of “falling in love”.

There can be as many loves as you want before true love comes.

In my youth, I liked all the classmates, all the girls with whom I somehow crossed paths. But then love comes, you understand that you need one woman.

I used to work at the Good Offices, we catered for weddings. I listened all the time to what the toastmaster was saying.

One saying I’ve been using all my life: “Guys, the ‘rule of three Y’ works flawlessly in family life. The three Y’s are ‘respect’, ‘yield’ and ‘keep’.”

This applies to women in the same way. A woman must also keep a man – from some actions, words. “Hold” in the broadest sense of the word. “Respect” is also in a broad sense: respect his opinion, habits, relatives. “Give in” is also a broad concept: to yield in small things and in the main.

– How does the first love affect the choice of a subsequent woman?

– Love was in childhood, adolescence. And true love is joint:

  • memories,
  • experienced hardships,
  • achievements,
  • communication,
  • conversations,
  • perception of the world,
  • concepts of spirituality
  • relation to God
  • attitude to life.

It brings people together. And without this, there can be no great love. Therefore, if you once met someone and it did not grow into something more, then this feeling cannot be called “love”. It just awakens a thirst for love in a person. Puberty is coming, and you need to realize the potency that grows in you. A person begins to look for someone to direct his energy to. Who is next, that is the first love. Sometimes this love is remote in nature: many have portraits of famous people hanging on the walls in their youth.

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